Read, Achieve, Succeed

At The Harmony Trust we believe that the key to succeeding in later life to develop confident communicators who are skilled in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Language and vocabulary are essential for success at all stages of our lives.? This is particularly important for the significant proportion of EAL learners in our trust.  However, purposeful vocabulary acquisition, applied across a range of contexts, is?necessary skill for all: ‘Being in a word-poor context at a young age can have far-reaching negative consequences for our children.  A restricted vocabulary as a young child goes on to correlate with factors in later life such as employment, pay and even health and well-being as an adult.’? Therefore,?every lesson is and will be a language lesson across the whole curriculum.?? ?

Reading?is our highest priority. Attainment in reading is a key indicator for success in other curriculum areas and associated with positive child and adult outcomes, particularly for children identified as disadvantaged.  Every member of staff should promote and model reading as a lifelong skill for learning and engender a culture of reading for pleasure. Through the Read Achieve Succeed Strategy, we will enable teachers to become expert in the teaching of reading and children to develop as confident, skilled and fluent readers who read for both pleasure and purpose.??? ?
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Cavendish Close Junior Academy

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Mrs Michelle Tague: Principal

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