The ACE curriculum through Computing …   

 "Children should grow up not just being consumers of technology, but also the creators of technology” – Steve Jobs.

Computing helps children to aspire to become masters of technology. We aim to do this through our broad an balanced curriculum, enabling children to become confident and effective users of different technologies. This is to prepare them for an ever changing technological world.

We aim to achieve this by giving children opportunities to experience a wide range of age appropriate hardware including iPads and Laptops and also use a  range of software including the use of green screen technology, animation, programming and publishing. This is through both computing lessons and across the wider curriculum.

The three stands of Computing (‘Computer Science’, ‘Information Technology’ and ‘Digital Literacy’) are taught through six thematic units across the year, with Online Safety underpinning all learning. All three strands aim to develop children’s computing skills to allow them to be fluent in a range of programs and equip them with an understanding of Computing as a whole.

Computing helps children to collaborate by encouraging the use of collaborative technology across the curriculum. It is our intention that all children are able to collaborate and communicate through computer networks and to experience the opportunities that this provides. Each year children develop their computing skills and each unit of work encourages collaboration with peers on purposeful projects, using skills that will assist them in life beyond education.

Children have a positive experience of computing as we aim to develop an environment where computing is engaging and relevant to children’s learning. Computing across the curriculum enables children to share their learning in creative ways. Our aim is that children in all year groups will become fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding and learning during their time at Cavendish Close.


Through all of these, our children are able become ACE Technology Masters.

Miss H Peat

Computing Curriculum Lead 

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