The Harmony Trust is committed to supporting the provision of affordable school uniform for all children across our academies. The Academy requires all children to adhere to the school dress code. This provides pupils with a sense of belonging to the school and improves our profile within the community. It also promotes the right tone for learning and a sense of pride in their appearance. We also feel that from a practical point of view it will help parents take the worry out of what children wear for school and, in the long term, reduce the financial burden.

Academy sweatshirts/cardigans are available to buy from Andrew Hyde Schoolwear:

Website address for online orders: https://ahyde.co.uk/

Telephone number: 0800 0590592

Email: sales@ahyde.co.uk

Any unembroidered uniform can also be purchased from a retailer of your own choice which provides the same required practicality and smartness.


  • Black/dark grey trousers, pinafore dress or skirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan (preferably embroidered with school logo)
  • White polo shirt/shirt/blouse
  • White/black/dark grey socks
  • Black/dark grey tights may be worn instead of socks
  • Black shoes – practical/hardwearing with a low heel that can be cleaned

In summer, royal blue gingham/striped dresses or black/dark grey tailored shorts may be worn as well as practical sandals (not slip-ons).


Boots are NOT allowed in school but practical boots (e.g. wellingtons) may be worn for the journey to and from school in bad weather.


An apron or an old shirt is also useful for art/craft activities.

All articles of clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with your child’s name.


Physical Education

It is essential that all children have an outfit for P.E.  Please make sure that this is kept in school in a bag and has your child’s name marked on each item. Your child will need the following kit:

Indoor P.E.
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Outdoor P.E.
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plain tracksuit
  • Plain (dark) sweatshirt
  • Trainers

We recommend that children have a separate kit and outdoor trainers for outdoor activities.

All articles of clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with your child’s name.


Swimming currently takes place with the Year 5 children. All children who go swimming require a swimming costume/shorts, a towel and a bag, (swimming shorts should not fall below the knee). Swimming hats are required for children with long hair.

Jewellery and Earrings

Children with pierced ears may wear a single set of small metal studs, but these must be removed for all P.E. sessions due to Health and Safety Regulations.

No other jewellery may be worn in school.

We advise that, if you have your child’s ears pierced, it is done at the start of the six-week summer break, giving the holes a chance to heal so that studs can be easily removed by the child. School staff are not allowed to remove or replace studs.

Hair and Cosmetics

All children are expected to have sensible hair styles. Shaved designs (in hair or eyebrows), extensions and dyes are not appropriate for school and are therefore not Permitted. Make-up, including nail varnish, is also inappropriate for school and should not be worn.

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