“A generation which ignores history has no past – and no future.” –  Robert A. Heinlein



At Cavendish Close Junior Academy, we aspire to help children develop as historians through a range of learning experiences. It is our intention that all children develop a sense of chronology across British, local and world history that enables them to talk with confidence about the past referring to historical terms, dates and periods, whilst noting connections, contrasts and trends over time.

In History, our aim is to increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our past, and develop children’s knowledge about a range of historically significant individuals who have created legacies and who have been influential.


Children will investigate and interpret events from the past using a range of sources of evidence that address questions, some of which children devise themselves about change, cause, similarities, difference and significance. Furthermore, we reflect on and are inspired by events that have taken place in the past and discuss how they have impacted on our lives today.


At Cavendish Close Junior Academy, in conjunction with the aims of the National Curriculum, our History teaching offers opportunities for children to recall, select and organise historical knowledge and understanding to communicate events from the past which are engaging and ignite their curiosity. All children develop a progressive historical vocabulary that enables them to confidently express their ideas and opinions. 


The progression of these skills is essential for the next stage of their History education, and we recognise that History is essential to develop our children’s confidence in their understanding of placing key events on a timeline. Children are able to build upon their prior knowledge and increases their enthusiasm for the topics whilst embedding this procedural knowledge into the long-term memory through a range of meta-cognition tasks throughout the school.  Specialist vocabulary for topics is taught and developed, and effective questioning of sources to communicate and refute ideas is encouraged. 


The ACE curriculum through History: 

History helps children to aspire by developing their awareness of a variety of significant people providing them with opportunities to learn about a range of individuals and events and their impact. Each year group studies different key individuals and events and explores their significance to the world.  Furthermore, we hope to encourage children to aim high and challenge themselves in History to be the best they can and question the world around them using a range of high quality vocabulary. 


History helps children to collaborate with their peers and develop their curiosity and questioning through enquiry and high quality resources and are encouraged to develop their History vocabulary.  In addition to working as a team, children are also encouraged to respectfully challenge each other’s views and evidence their findings using research.  Oral and written communication is enhanced through the use of high level vocabulary in discussion and results presented in an array of ways. 


Children’s experience of History is positive in a respected, valued and safe environment.  They experience a wide range of practical activities which encourage them to challenge views and question theories.  History is embedded throughout our curriculum and the children become immersed in the unit and deepen their understanding.


Through all of these, our children are able to become ACE historians.


Mrs K Basra

History Lead 

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