Spring 2 2022

This half term year 5 have gone cocoa-crazy! In History, we have studied the mysterious Maya, in English we have written persuasive adverts inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate factory and written newspaper articles reporting the chocopocalypse! Children have worked hard to master decimals, percentages and statistics. We have read and interpreted a range of charts and graphs – even analysing data collected for our chocolate DT project using pie and bar charts.  

Many Year 5 students visited Whitemoor lakes for a two-night residential trip as part of the Harmony Pledge. Whilst away, children completed a wide range of activities including: zip lining, abseiling, rock climbing, high ropes courses, canoeing, archery, STEM experiments, a campfire, team games and much more!  

“I really enjoyed the trip to Whitemoor Lakes – it was an experience that I’ve never had before. I got to spend lots of time with friends and zip-line from the top of a tower!” Chloe


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We were very fortune to have a sneak peek behind the scenes at Cadbury world, during our virtual tour and Maya workshop. We learnt so many interesting facts about the Maya, including how they lived and worked. We discovered the grisly truth behind Pok-A-Tok (the Mayan version of football) and even learnt about sacrifices made to the gods!  

“I have enjoyed learning about the Mayans – did you know that they were the first civilisation to discover chocolate?” Finley  



We celebrated British science week with an investigation into laundry cleansers, which also supported our learning in ‘Materials and their Properties’. Children have planned a music festival and investigated the best materials to use for the event, from chopping boards to thermal cups – we have it all planned out!  

“I have enjoyed science this half term because we got to investigate thermal insulators and conductors. It was really cool to see how the temperature changed over time!” Leo  

What better way to end our half term before Easter than by making chocolate treats? Children have researched and designed a chocolate treat, which could be sold to other children in school. They then practiced their cutting, piping and melting skills and made their final treats. They were delicious!   


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