Spring 2 2022


In maths this half term, we have been focussing on our 4 and 8 times tables.

We have been using the songs from Encanto to help us learn and everyone has been really enthusiastic about learning these new skills. Well done to everyone for your hard work.

Roman day

As part of our ACE curriculum, we had Roman experience day in our year 3 classes. During this day, the children had the opportunity to come to school dressed in their best Roman attire and even learnt how to play the Roman playground game of knucklebones. We also had a virtual meeting with the Celtic Queen Boudicca and the children showed off their fantastic marching skills which we have been learning in PE this half term.



As part of our Roman topic, year 3 have really enjoyed making Roman skutums (shields) using mod roc. We researched traditional patterns that would be used by Roman soldiers to scare their enemies and show their power and replicated this in our designs. I am sure you will agree, they turned out fantastic!


Science week

During this half term, we have had science week. We used our iPads to research the flight systems engineer Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee.  We linked this to our science topic of forces and experimented to find out how different designs of paper aeroplanes impact the amount of air resistance they cause.


We have been so impressed with all the hard work the children have put into every aspect of our ACE curriculum this half term. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back after their break and starting our new topics.

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