Spring 2 2022

What an exciting half term it has been for year six.  We have been working like Trojans to prepare for our SATs; however have also enjoyed our ACE curriculum.  In Maths, we have tackled algebra, angles, measures and co-ordinates and have worked hard to apply our skills when solving problems in a range of situations.  Many of us have been attending additional booster groups each week to support our learning and consolidate these skills.

Our topics this half term have been Shackleton and the Titanic.  In English we have loved learning about Shackleton’s intriguing quest to the Antarctic.  We have analysed the qualities which made him such a fantastic leader and used drama to begin to understand what it might have been like to be part of the crew on the treacherous journey. We thought about the qualities we possess ourselves and each wrote persuasive letters to Shackleton to join his crew back in 1914.  In Geography, we used ‘Digimap’ to explore the journey which the crew took and researched the climate and landscape of the Antarctic.  Our learning for this topic has really been brought to life by the discovery of his ship….the Endurance in March.  It’s as if they knew we were studying Shackleton’s Journey! We couldn’t have timed it better! Fascinated by the discovery, we worked in teams to use our ipads and green screens to create news reports.

In History, we have explored the disaster of the Titanic and analysed primary and secondary sources to argue if it was anybody’s fault that Titanic sank.  We applied all of our learning to write fantastic non-chronological reports – giving information on the construction, the voyage and the disaster.  In Science, we explored this further and engaged in practical experiments to investigate: surface area, displacement, temperature of the water and de-icers.  These experiments made us question if the ‘Unsinkable Ship’ would have sunk if a different route had been taken.





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