Summer 1 2022

We have been up tp lots of exciting things this half term! 

In English this half term Year 5 have written non-chronological reports about the Victorians. Our audience for these reports was other year 5 children who want to find out more about the Victorians. Children researched and discovered information about the Victorians in our history lessons and then applied this knowledge within their writing. The results of this focus were some fantastically factual Non-Chronological reports! 
Continuing with our Victorian focus, year 5 children have created artwork inspired by William Morris this half term. Children compared Morris' artwork with other pieces we have studied, then researched the printmaking process. After this, children sketched designs inspired by natural form and created their own block stamp, which can be used to create a repeating pattern. 

We explored Changing Materials in science, we did lots of experiments to see if changes were reversible or irreversible! 


Have a look at our balloon experiment using Bicarbinate of Soda and Vinegar!



In Computing we have explored Selection in Quizzes, using Scratch to develop our coding and algortihm skills. We have designed and built our own quizzes, thinking about inputs, outputs and variables within them. 




To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, the whole school took part in a royal themed day! Children came to school in their best clothes, and had a special royal feast for lunch. In the afternoon, parents came into school and helped us to create our Queen collages. It was a day to remember and it was lovely to create memories with parents/carers in school. 

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